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BASEBALL - Glove for Adult - DiamSports - Paris Baseball Glove for Adult
Large choice of Baseball Gloves, for the Infield or the Outfield.
Wilson Mizuno Louisville Slugger Rawlings Easton Markwort
BASEBALL - First base and Catcher Mitts - DiamSports - Paris First base & Catcher Mitts
First base and catcher's Mitts are heavy reinforced baseball gloves, dedicated to these 2 positions.
Wilson Louisville Slugger
BASEBALL - Glove for Youth - DiamSports - Paris Baseball Gloves for Youth
Baseball gloves specially designed for young players.
Wilson Louisville Slugger Rawlings Mizuno
BASEBALL - Batters gloves - DiamSports - Paris Batter's gloves
Batter's gloves, brand: Markwort Mizuno Louisville Slugger Under Armour Nike
Louisville Slugger Mizuno Nike Cutters
BASEBALL - Bats for Adult (Metal) - DiamSports - Paris Bats for Adult (Metal)
Browse our massive selection - find by bat type, material, length to weight ratio, barrel diameter, price, and brand.
LouisvilleSlugger Easton Nike
BASEBALL - Bats for Adult (Wood) - DiamSports - Paris Bats for Adult (Wood)
Wooden Bats for competition, made of the best origin woods or composite (lightened core, carbon fibers,...)
Rawlings LouisvilleSlugger Mizuno DeMarini
BASEBALL - Bats for Youth - DiamSports - Paris Bats for Youth
A selection of baseball bats, designed for Youth. We'll help you to find a bat adapted to weight and size of your child.
Easton Rawlings Louisville Slugger DeMarini
BASEBALL - Bats - Accessories - DiamSports - Paris Bats - Accessories
For the training and after, during the matches, you will appreciate these elements which make a difference in your favor.
Lizard Skins Mizuno Easton
BASEBALL - Shoes and accessories - DiamSports - Paris Shoes & accessories
Our shoes are imported from the USA and made with passion by skilled craftsmen. Wide choice of products, even for the most demanding.
New Balance Nike Mizuno Under Armour Rawlings SSK Adidas Markwort Tuff Toe
BASEBALL - Balls - DiamSports - Paris Baseball balls
Buy your Baseball balls, individually or by the dozen. In leather (for matches) or in synthetic, white or fluorescent yellow.
Wilson SKLZ Baden Jugs Rawlings
BASEBALL - Batters helmets - DiamSports - Paris Batter's helmets
The batter's helmet is an unlockable headwear item for you! Protect your head to live better!
Mizuno Easton Rawlings Nike Worth
BASEBALL - Protective apparel - DiamSports - Paris Protective apparel
Don't foget to protect and take care about yourself!
Nike Shock Doctor Rawlings Under Armour Mizuno XO Safetgard Easton
BASEBALL -Jerseys for Uniforms - DiamSports - Paris Baseball, Jerseys & Apparel
Guide to buying and choosing baseball jerseys. We have professional jerseys, college jerseys, youth jerseys and assorted caps
Teamwork Athletic Nike SOFFE Mizuno Richardson
BASEBALL - Catchers equipment - DiamSports - Paris Catcher's equipment
Catcher's gear is now more advanced than ever before. Find a full line of adult and youth baseball catcher equipment by brands like:
Mizuno Nike Louisville Slugger All-Star
BASEBALL - Pants, Belts and Socks - DiamSports - Paris Pants, Belts & Socks
Large choice of Baseball pants and belts, essentially white or grey (silver). Pro or hobby. Other colours on demand. Many belts and socks to match your team colours.
Teamwork Athletic Mizuno Pro Feet Douglas Nike Twin City Under Armour
BASEBALL - Training Equipment - DiamSports - Paris Training Equipment
All training equipment for intensive practice with pitching machines, screen, batting cage,...
Atec SKLZ Rawlings HitZone
BASEBALL - Field Equipment - DiamSports - Paris Field Equipment
Equip your field like a pro, all items are imported from USA! Enjoy!
Benson Bolco
BASEBALL -  Bags - DiamSports - Paris Bags
A selective choice on Baseball bags. Bat bag, or equipment bag. Small to x-large. Pro or hobby.
Easton Rawlings Louisville Slugger DeMarini Mizuno Diamond
BASEBALL - Umpires equipment -  - DiamSports - Paris Baseball & Softball Umpires equipment
Choose your Baseball Referee equipment on
All-Star Rawlings Teamwork Athletic

Baseball: a passion even more than a sport

Baseball is a team sport where individual performance is noticed and appreciated. It is particularly developed in the United States where it is practiced from an early age and where players can become professionals. Baseball remains in France reserved for an audience of insiders, who are eager to convince the greatest number of people of the intensity of the sport.

Founded in Paris by former players, DIAMSPORTS is the essential specialist in Baseball, a unique and exciting sport.

Baseball is a sport that requires little equipment, but quality

Baseball requires quality equipment to optimize individual performance, be it bat, ball or glove. Thus, baseball requires to have balls adapted to the level of play, in leather for the competition, in synthetic more resistant for the training, even slightly more flexible to begin and practice while one is young.

Similarly, the player must choose a bat corresponding to his size, his morphology, his practice, his tastes: a wooden bat, an aluminum bat or a composite bat ... DIAMSPORTS offers a wide range of various lengths, diameters and weights for adults and children.

The baseball glove must be short (up to 12 ") to play in the Infield (inner field) or longer to play in the Outfield (outside field). A baseball glove is made to catch the ball, without the hand being hit by the ball. A baseball glove must be made of strong leather. According to the purists, this leather is better when stiff at the moment of the purchase,  softened by repeated training and finally ready at the moment of the matches. Nowadays, manufacturers also offer "game ready" gloves (softened at the factory).

DIAMSPORTS offers gloves for right-handed or left-handed, gloves for Infield or Outfield positions, first base gloves or receiver's mitts, gloves for adults or children, all gloves of the best quality for the price.

Of course, the player must also wear appropriate and effective shoes, especially to run a "home run", this winning race, frenetic and short, with three right angles, without skidding. DIAMSPORTS offers metal spikes or molded soles, at your convenience.

And as it is better to wear protections, especially against misplaced balls, DIAMSPORTS also offers helmets, cups, elbow guards, sliding pants, legs and chest guards, etc.. for the batters, for the receiver or the umpire!


DIAMSPORTS makes you benefit from efficient delivery. Enjoy secure online payment and quality after-sales service.


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