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Douglas Nitro NP25 RB/DB/QB/LB

Douglas/Nitro NP25 RB/DB/QB/LB                   239.00 € (199.17 € outside EU)

Last item!

179.00 €
(149.17 € outside EU)

The Douglas Nitro NP 25 Series Adult Football Shoulder Pads - Running Back / Defensive Back / Quarterback is a flat, low profile pad, ideal for the defensive back and tailback position. The new Nitro series offers additional protection at an affordable price. Two layers of protection with a 3/4" main body cushion and 3/4" removable channels to provide excellent protection without sacrificing mobility. The NP 25's streamlined design is exactly what the players are demanding. Position specific design - Tailbacks, Defensive Backs, Quarterbacks 3/4" main body cushion 3/4" removable channels Flat, low profile pad Streamlined for maximum mobility without sacrificing protection
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