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Schutt Youth Flex 4.0 All Purpose New 2017 (8-13 years old)

Schutt/Youth Flex 4.0 All Purpose New 2017 (8-13 years old) 69.00 € (57.50 € outside EU)

The Schutt football shoulderpad Y-Flex 4.0 design is meant for all positions. The arches give protection while allowing range of motion and extra length front cushions for added protection The raised corrugation provides added strength to the arch in key hitting areas. The integrated clavicle channel blocks give an added layer of protection around the shoulder. Perforated dual-density padding combined with breathable mesh and 7mm vent holes in the arches makes the Y-Flex 4.0 body cushion breathable and allows max air flow keeping you cooler than most youth pads. The adjustable elastic belt features attachment to the arches at three points.
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