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The helmet is the most important protection an american football player can wear, playing US Football. Protect your head with the model you prefer, but select one helmet fitting you head size.

The choice of a facemask depends of which position the player is on field, therefore facemasks are always sold separately. Any facemask or any chinpad ordered with an helmet is delivered mounted to this helmet.

All our helmets have successfully passed the CE tests and are certified as Individal protection equipment of class 3.

DIAMSPORTS recommands the helmets equipped with air pads, which let you adjusts the helmet cap to the shape of your head, to better absorb shocks.

In the store, DIAMSPORTS help you to chose an helmet fitting your head and to do final adjustments of the helmet you have bought.

You should then periodically check the condition of these parts, paying particular attention to the Riddell helmets to use only the brand's short needle pumps.

DIAMSPORTS supplies the necessary spare parts for the maintenance of your American football helmet.

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